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No better feeling than getting a list of wanted supplies for a local school, race to complete with your team in a limited time. Together put your hands on assembling a library, then build the bike with the school kids. This half-day activities foster the teamwork and collaboration amongst team members & colleagues for a…

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Tired of sitting in the meeting and need a quick escape to challenge yourself and the team on an anual sales conference or regional director meeting? Our experience designers have crafted an all-in-one activity that suits you perfectly, “Master Chef Challenge”. Immerse in the local culture, interact with local people, learn the art of culinary…

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Corporate Social Responsibilities activies will be suggested with at least 3 options that carefully inspected and selected by our destination specialists to make sure these activities are “DO-ABLE & MEANINGFUL” and align to your corporate’s culture & practices.

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Wherever your events are happening, our destination specialists can personalized custom design “Amazing Race” activities perfectly match your company strategic objectives, foster the company’s employess collaborations. Just share with us your expectations, your time and budget then we will make it happen.

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Our hand-selected in-door team building games have been carefully designed & tested through years to assure the outcomes align with corporates’ expectations and strategic objectives. The process is very simple: First, talk to our in-door game designers, then put them in test and make it happen in the real-life events.

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