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Visa on Arrivals


Destination Indochina provides fast-track visa processing for all travelers to Vietnam. This is a viable option for obtaining an emergency Vietnam visa. This service expedites the processing time of your visa application, ensuring that you will receive your visa quicker than standard processing time.

Upon your landing, be met and greeted by our airport representatives before you reach the Visa counter. Just give us your passport then wait for a few minutes to get a visa stamp then proceed to the immigration.

The visa fast-track fee is 50$ USD and separated from the Vietnam visa fee, which normally cost around 30$ USD. This fast-track service will help you save a lot of time for your logistics, and I believe you will not be happy to queue up waiting after long flight from home. For group travel, please contact us to get a better deal.

Our Vietnam Fast-Track Visa + Immigration
Hotline 24/7: +84 (9) 7689-7687 (Available on Whatssap)


Once you've got your visa stamp, next you will go through the immigration to get into the country officially. To save your time, we suggest to use our Vietnam immigration fast-track service if you are not an APEC card holder, or flying with business class. The queue at the immigration to get a stamp going into the country is always very crowded in the rush hours when many flights landing at the same time zone, and sometimes it takes an hour or more to wait and get the stamp to get through.

Don't want to wait? Just leave everything to us, our airport representatives will walk you through the priority line very quickly after obtaining the visa then help you with the luggage and escort you outside to your waiting vehicle.

Destination Indochina airport reps are dressed in black T-shirt with logo emblemed on the left chest, which is recognizable easily at the airport area.
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